A’zor A’hai(s)

The Wardens of Long Island… 
                                                                                        The Watchers On The Couch…
                                      The Lords of Chit-Chat…
                                               The Princes That Were Promised
#TPTWP are John Kanteen and SeannieWan Kenobi, two longtime friends with a shared passion throughout their adolescence and adult lives for the great works of science fiction and fantasy (as well as professional wrestling).
They found friendship during the Pro-Wrestling Monday Night Wars. They solidified it with a shared love for The Star Wars Saga (then a trilogy and without a blemish).
As adults, they found the stories that filled the void in their souls left by the Star Wars Prequels in Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings.
As grown-ass men, they learned to appreciate the long-form, episodic story-telling of Ronald Moore’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.
It wasn’t until they reached the Grown-Up-Grown-Ass-Men age that John and SeannieWan together found the saga and the imaginary world they had been waiting for, unknowingly, their entire lives- A Song of Ice and Fire. 
George R. R. Martin’s sprawling fantasy saga helped the both of them to maintain their sanity in an increasingly insane world. As they struggled to accept a reality of middle-management, school loans, car payments, premature balding and generally bad movies and television, the two old friends took comfort and refuge in the prose and world-building of #GRRM.
Since 2011, John and SeannieWan have found that they wake every morning thinking about the Realm of Westeros and go to bed with their mind full of Arianne Martell (well, John does this every night and Sean… maybe once in awhile).
With the likelihood of The Winds of Winter not being published before they hit their forties becoming more of a reality with each passing day, these passionate and knowledgeable super-fans decided to take Westeros into their own hands. They have launched a verbal crusade of frustration at their one-time hero and leader, George R. R. Martin, with the faith and hope that their words will somehow reach the fantasy writer and inspire him to finish his Seven-Gods-damned book… like, seriously, what else does he have to do…?… this is obviously a time-management issue… or perhaps he requires Adderall or more caffeine…
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